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Hi, My name is Carol Trengereid

I am an Equestrian Alignment Coach and I have been training horses for 30 years.


I have been a showjumper, a coursebuilder and a trainer for many years. I have also been a stable manager and arranged local horse competitions in showjumping and dressage.


Now I focus mainly on my online clients for my HorseLeader Academy, my mini-courses and 1:1 clients. 


So what is my "method"?

I believe that by going back to the basics on a regular basis, you will create a stronger, more connected relationship with your horse, You will also become a better rider, if riding is the goal⠀

By going back to basic and your building blocks, you will find the cause of your problems and struggles and not only the solution to the problem. This is the difference between a short-time solution and a long lasting solution ;)⠀

So this is what I focus on in my 12 week program in The Horse Leader Academy⠀


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carol trengereid the horseleader academy

Anyone who 

1. Have fears but want to learn how to feel confident, enjoying their horse and ride confidently again

2. Want to learn how to handle their horse better on the ground and also learn more about different type of groundwork.


3. Want tocus on groundwork for their non-ridden horse (like a young horse, old horse, retired horse). They may never ride their horse again for many reasons, which is totally fine.

4. Is an Equestrian Mum/parent with no or little horse experience trying to help their equestrian child with their horse

5. Is ready to work on their balance, their seat, their positon in the saddle and combine their knowledge from the ground back into the saddle

Groundwork and communication is the foundation of everything

you do when handling

your horse

Who will benefit from my training

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My publications

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