Meet Carol

Equestrian Alignment Coach

Hi, lovely

I am so happy to welcome you to my website!

I hope that you will find anything you need here. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with


I am an Equestrian Alignment Coach, that has a huge passion for communication, self-development and confidence building.


My main focus is YOU - why? Because you are the only one that can change both yourself and your horse. I know that you can do it!!


I want you to feel in control, fantastic and ready to learn more and doing so by listening to your horse. Your horse gives you tons of small messages every day - do you see them? You most definitely will when you know how and what to look for.


I know how it feels to be sick to your stomach when going to a competition, how easy it is to talk your self down, to have fear, to feel that you are doing it all wrong, to have a horse that does not listen or seems to be afraid or unwilling to do anything. I have faced it all (or at least it felt like that) - my third horse was a 1-year-old, so I have tried that as well ;) 


I love to be a part of your journey of self-growth, not only for you but for you both, and the bond you will have.

I get so emotional when I see progress. WHY? Because it means so much for your confidence, how you feel and at the same time the horse becomes happier too because he feels that he can let you be in control and relax more.




Noora og Spencer.jpg

This is my daughter and my horse Spencer (age 27 or 28 at this photo)

He left big hoofprints in so many hearts - I am forever grateful for the struggle he gave me because he taught me so much! We learned from each other, and I am 100% sure he loved his life and our relationship as much as I did


Spencer, Thank you for being in our life for 21 years! 


Emma, 16

I have become more confident together with horses. I have learned to be more focused. I have received more feedback from Carol than from my riding school since we are a smaller group. I have also learned a lot about horses and pecking order 

Hege, 50

I have attended several  courses, and I have learned a lot about how the horses behave together, pecking order, how to be a good leader and always focus on safety around horses

I have been able to train groundwork, like in-hand training, long reining and lungeing. Carol has a lot of knowledge, and we always learn a lot on the courses. I have also seen how my daughter has become much more relaxed when riding.