Horseback Riding

The HorseLeader Academy 

Online Courses and Services

Lead With Confidence


A 6 week online group coaching program 

Learn how to build your own and your horses' confidence

by doing groundwork that works

Bonding, trust and the right mindset builds confidence

Every horse and rider will gain from learning this before riding

Long Reining (towards riding)

lange tøyler - stord.jpg

A 6 week group coaching program

Long Reining from the side is dressage from the ground

Teach your horse how to do the exercises before riding them. An amazing way to refine your riding aids, build muscles and build confidence in your horse.

Balanced Riding


Learn how to ride your horse in balance by focusing on your own balance first, then learn how to help your horse to balance as well.

Includes different riding patterns and pole exercises

Improve Your Seat From the Ground Up


A 6 week online group coaching program to help you improve your riding from the ground and into the saddle.

Excercises and tips on how to improve your seat and your confidence.

Gain Confidence by improving your seat

In-hand work and Longing


6 weeks online course to get started with in-hand work and longing.

In this course you will learn how to move your horse side ways on a the track and on a circle, how to prepare for longing and how to use in-hand work and longing as part of your horsetraining and education.

Online Sessions - Work with me 1:1 


Work 1:1 with me

- Online Sessions via zoom (like a real session)

- Online Sessions on location (if you are nearby)

- Video Feedback on your trainings and what to do next

- Help with any struggle you may have with your horse, your mindset/confidence or horsetraning (riding and grondwork)

All our courses can be done as 1:1 (price will vary)