Black Friday Offer !

The HorseLeader Academy


 25% DISCOUNT!! 

Black Friday price until Sunday 29th November 2020 is only £ 450


That is for a 12 weeks course with massive value that will take you from

fearful to confident horseleader! 



Black Friday Offer -  Payment plan Available


One payment - 3 payments - 6 payments


The choice is yours

The HorseLeader Academy:

✨ Be supported and get support

✨ Get new ideas and learn how to overcome challenges

✨ Connect with like-minded

✨ Grow your confidence

✨ Achieve your goals

✨ Learn how to communicate and bond with your horse

✨ Learn how to stay calm and also help your horse to stay


✨ Learn to be pro-active instead of procastinate

✨ Learn how to be a more balanced rider

✨ Learn more about groundwork and in-hand work

✨ Learn easy go-to exercises to have a horse that listens


Hey you!


I can remember the first time I invested in myself


The emotions that came with it after the excitement were massive


I felt nervous - I felt scared - I felt all kind of negative thoughts 


But I knew these emotions meant growth.


I knew I was about to uplevel - not only for myself but for my horse as well


I had tried to learn it all by myself but it did not work.


I was playing a guessing game and I knew if I continued with no support I would not move forward, and therefore also holding my horse back.


It was now or never.

But when I did invest AMAZING thing happened.


I was a able to reach my goals.


And you can too!



Investing is vital when it comes to progress, like gaining your confidence back, having a better relationship with your horse. 

Having someone that supports your and help you with your horse, whatever your goals or struggles are, is what will move you both forward


If you can't get to your goal yourself, invest in someone who can help you.


Or you will continue to stay stuck where you are now.


And I have made it so easy for you to invest!


Black Friday offer is now open for The HorseLeader Academy - 25% OFF!! That is a massive discount for 12 week group coaching program full of value and support!



You will get 12 week of 

  • * Weekly Calls with personal help from me

  • * 3 1:1 sessions with me

  • * Go-to exercises that you can use every time you are training your horse

  • * Pre-check exercises to prepare you for a safer ride

  • * Help and support with struggle you may have on the ground or in the saddle

  • * Video analysis of your weekly work

  • * Private Facebook Group where you can ask me anything during the week as well and communicate with the other ladies as well

  • * Accountability

  • * Progress

But most of all - the feeling of someone being there for you and supporting you all the way - someone that believe in you and your horse and really want you to be able to enjoy every second together with your horse!



Let us make 2021 the best year together with your horse!

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