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"From Wobblly to Balanced HorseRider in 5 Days"

Start: October 5th 2020

Hi, My name is Carol Trengereid

I speak to people every week looking for advice and help in how to improve their balance and confidence in the saddle.

That's why I am hosting a FREE 5-day LIVE Masterclass Online called "From Wobbly to Balanced HorseRider in 5 days" starting on October 5th, helping female equestrians improving their riding posture by letting go of old habits

Simple | In Balance | With Confidence | Improved posture | Create new habits| FREE LIVE Training 👇

This is what you will be learning about:

  • The 5 most common bad habits HorseRiders struggle with and how to let go

  • Creating new habits to improve your riding

  • Mindset and Communication

  • How to be an "action-taker"

  • Simple Go-to Excercises 

  •  How to improve your balance, seat and position, so that you progress your riding, feel calm and relaxed

  • Why being in balances will make you feel as a confident rider and horse leader.⠀


Sounds like something that would

benefit you and your horse?

I have 30 years of experience helping others on how to feel in control and become confident around horses.


I help them to that point of feeling confident and just enjoying the relationship with their horse 

Anyone who 

1. Have fears but want to learn how to feel confident, enjoying their horse and ride confidently again

2. Want to learn how to handle their horse better on the ground and also learn more about different type of groundwork.


3. Want tocus on groundwork for their non-ridden horse (like a young horse, old horse, retired horse). They may never ride their horse again for many reasons, which is totally fine.

4. Is an Equestrian Mum/parent with no or little horse experience trying to help their equestrian child with their horse

5. Needs to improve their balance, seat and position for a safer ride

Groundwork and communication is the foundation of everything you do when handling your horse

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