Hi, My name is Carol Trengereid

I often get asked what my favorite training is, and the answer is easy - Groundwork, everything from simple leading exercises to inhand work and long reining.


You connect with your horse on a different level than with riding and your get a better understanding of eachother and how our horse moves and reacts to your signals.


It is great for so many things, but the best thing - it builds confidence in both you and the horse. And you can bring all of it back into the saddle! It is so beneficial for riding that I always start with this - no matter the level of the horse and rider.

Another passion of mine is seat and balance.

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1. Any breed - size - age - level

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3. Humans at any age and experience.

4. Anyone who want to improve their ridden work


5. Horses that need variety in their training


6. Any female horseowner/

horseloaner who want to connect and build confidence in their horse.

Groundwork and communication is the foundation of everything you do when handling your horse

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