The Power Of Ground Work 

 # Do you want to learn how to communicate with your horse in a way it understands and responds to while feeling calm and confident?

 # Do you want to feel like a Leader and not being the one that is lead?

 # Do you want your Horse to stop walking all over you and pretend you are not there?

 # Do you want to feel relaxed and enjoy your horse, without thinking about when the next spooky thing is going to show up?

# Do you want to find out how to fix your horse's behavioural problems so that you can enjoy your relationship again?

If I could learn this - So can you!

Everyone can learn The Power of Groundwork and Basic Riding

So - Let go of that negative thought and come join me now - You Can Do this!

Program Opens: May 1st, 2020

Limited spaces only - Reserve your spot NOW

Hope to see you in my Inner Circle

Does this sound like you?

 # You are SO sick of feeling scared and to keep listening to your own negative self talk about yourself and your horse


 # You are tired of waking up with all the best intentions and then when you arrive at the stable those intentions are long gone?


 # You do not fully believe that you can handle your horse? 


 # You are fed up with feeling alone and doing it all alone with no one to reassure you that you are doing the right thing or who will give you honest feedback when you are not?


 # Longing for someone to help you - someone who has been where you are now, someone who knows how it feels - someone who believes in you and is willing to help you push those boundaries and go beyond your limited believes


 # You are Ready To Commit to get next-level results with your horse!


 # You are willing to do the hard work - even though you may not always see an instant result 

 # You are willing to listen and do the work, even going out of your comfort zone, which probably will be a bit scary at first?

am so Proud of YOU 


You are willing to work on yourself in order to help your horse and your relationship

You are such a brave and amazing woman!



I am ready to help you - Are you Ready to Commit?


I know you can do this - I believe in YOU!

My Program

My Signature Program is called

 Totally Aligned -

The Power of Groundwork 


It is a  12 week long course full of value and support for you and your horse, and I am so excited to share it with you! 

 What you can look forward to:

  • 12 weeks of Support and guidance in a safe Environment where you can share your wins and struggles and get some honest feedback and guidance

  • Guest Experts

  • Access to my Online Signature Program - Totally Aligned - a Self Study Online Program to help and guide you all the way

  • Workbooks and Exercises for you and your horse to work on

  • Q&A's 

  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

  • Weekly Accountability to keep you on track and moving forward

  • Time to Focus on yourself and your horse

My Program - The Power of Groundwork


I will not teach you a Method - I will teach you to trust your self and your horse, and the rest will follow :)


I truly believe that a horse that listens to you from the ground, is a safer horse to ride.


WHY - not because of your horse, but because of YOU. Your trust, confidence and mindset! It starts on the ground and follows into the saddle.


This is some of the topics we will focus on during my Course - The Power of Groundwork


# Learn to listen to the small signals so you can avoid the big problems

# Boost your Confidence around horses

# Learn to Trust yourself and your horse

# Focus on the small details that make a huge difference

# Focus on ground manners - the daily work

# Focus on groundwork exercises - create good habits

# New ways to train your horse 

# How to approach your horse in different situations

# How to communicate using your body language, voice

and energy

# Focus on timing, feel and balance - learn to take action

# How to lead your horse 

# How to make your horse feel safe around you and trust you

# How to be a confident, calm leader 

# Work on Self-talk and mindset - how to change your way of thinking

# How to keep calm and in control in any situation and daily activity, even if your horse spooks

# Safety-thinking in all type of horse handling

# Different type of problems solving (loading, standing still, vet check, farrier

# Guidance in basic riding (balance, feel, seat, position, timing, action) can be given when
groundwork has been full filled and you and your horse are ready to implement groundwork to riding


I have spent 30 years watching my horses communicate with each other, and with other horses

I have been doing the work - and still am - every day!

I know how to get through struggles, even on times when I feel sick to my stomach.


I keep learning by listening to all the horses and owners that crosses my path - you are all such an inspiration!


But most important of all: You already have the best teacher

Your horse

Your horse will let you know when you are doing the right thing! 


Are you ready to be open-minded, let go of fears and learn how to listen?


It will be an Amazing Relationship - Totally Aligned


Is this program for YOU?


# You are ready to step-it up and face those fears and start believing in yourself and your horse

You are tired of feeling that you take one step forward and two steps back when training your horse

You want to feel in control and lead your horse with confident

You want to learn how to better communicate with your horse, without feeling scared, angry

You want to enjoy your relationship with your horse and feel that bond of trust 

You want to communicate and train your horse in a way that you feel is good for both of you

You want to know how to solve any problems and finally be able to kindly tell anyone showing up with good advice (that you have not even asked for!) that you got this!



Will this Program be a fit for Your Horse/Pony?     

YES !!

Any horse will be a fit for this program (as long as your vet has told you differently) - feel free to talk to me if any concerns. 

  • Anyone in need of (re-)building its muscles

  • Nervous

  • Lazy

  • Ex-Trotter

  • Stiff

  • Young - also yearling 

  • Old

  • Fearful

  • Do not listen

  • Dominant

  • Ponies

  • Non-ridable 


This program is NOT for you if:

You are not willing to work on Yourself alongside your horse

# You are not willing to put in the hard work, time and effort it takes for you and 

You make excuses and blame others or your horse for circumstances instead of taking action.

You are not coachable and willing to be stretched and held accountable.

Reluctant to invest in your self-development.

My Signature Program

 Totally Aligned - The Power of Groundwork 

is a premium level investment into your future with your horse,

specially designed for brave, AMAZING women

like yourself

who are ready to step up and create transformational results TOGETHER with their horse.

My prices

Monthly payment: £279 (x3)

Paid in Full (One payment) = £739


My Program is

Ready to Welcome You and Your Horse

Sign up Now  

Start the new Decade with

Confidence and

an Amazing Relationship

with your Horse

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