My Program

My program - Totally Aligned -  is for brave females just like yourself,


You have decided that you need some help with your riding and your groundwork.


Maybe you struggle with

* your balance, position or seat

* your timing, communication and a horse that does not listen


Maybe your fear is stopping you from really enjoying your horse the way you always dreamt of?


Have you ever felt that your horse does not understand what you are trying to teach him or just does not listen to you? 


Do you get scared when he does not listen?


You know you should do something but your fears or maybe lack of knowledge and self-belief is stopping you from taking action and step up when you need to?

Maybe you have not had a coach before or just want to uplevel your skills in groundwork and become a better rider for your horse?


I am here for you!


It is never too late to start - you don't have to ride - all focus can be on the groundwork because there are so many ways to train your horse from the ground and it will do wonders for your confidence and communication!




EMMA / 17


HEGE / 51

My Online EquestrianSchool

My signature program - Totally Aligned - is an amazing chance for you and your horse to get started with Groundwork if

=> You or Your Horse are new to GroundWork

=> You Have not really Focused on GroundWork before

=> You need to Kick-Start to that confidence building

=> You need to learn to take more action

=> You don't have a coach and would love some help

=> You have a horse that doesn't listen to you that well 

=> You think that a bit of motivation would be nice

=> You want feedback from someone that LOVES Groundwork

Totally Aligned - In your Riding 

An amazing chance for you and your horse to improve Your Riding if

=> You or Your Horse are new to each other

=> You Have Trouble with finding your Balance, Seat and Position on your horse 

=> You need to find your confidence and up-level your  communication skills

=> You need to learn how to see solutions instead of problems

=> You feel that your horse doesn't respond to or listen to your aids

=> You don't progress the way you want to or the way you feel you should

=> You can't get rid of that feeling of fear that always seems to stick around

=> You need to go back to basics to find that feel and timing you have heard of but never found  

=> You don't have a coach and would love some help

=> You want help from someone that LOVES Basic Riding

I want to be

Totally Aligned


What You Will Get

  • 12 weeks Program and Support

  • Self-study program in Teachable to get you started 

  • "How-to" videos with exercises will guide you from the start

  • Private Facebook Group to post videos and any question you might have - all answered and commented on for you to work on 

  • Group-coachings twice a week - catch up area for any call 

  • Support and a safe environment with other likeminded equestrians

  • We will foccus on

    • feel & timing,

    • mindset and self-development,

    • communication from the ground and in the saddle

    • Confidence and Consistency 

    • You and Your Horse

    • Struggles and Wins

    • Different groundwork exercises and training (lunging, long-reining, leading, daily work)

    • Different basic exercises for anyone that wants to ride as well to improve your seat, position, balance and how you ride your horse forward

Program Opens 

May 1st 2020

Apply Now -

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