Online 1-2-1 Coaching

Are you looking for a coach?

# Someone, that shares your values?

# Someone, that teaches you at the level you

and your horse are at right now

# Someone, who will help you with your goals?

# Someone, that understands you?

# Someone, that has been where you are now?

# Someone, that has a huge passion for groundwork and basic riding?

# Someone, you can trust?

#Some that will give you honest feedback?


Hi, My name is Carol Trengereid and I am an Equestrian Alignment Coach


I have been training horses for 30 years, I have been a showjumper, course builder and trainer I. I believe in going back to basics. 


My foundational beliefs are safety - respect - trust

Teaching others is such a passion of mine:

* how to change their way of thinking 

* how to look at the struggle and

* how to approach any type of struggle 


Together we will make small changes which

will make a  huge difference



I focus on groundwork (including longing and long reining), In-hand training and horsemanship, together with basic riding (seat, balance, transitions, position, mindset, energy, pole work).


A well-behaved horse, a thinking handler/rider and having the foundation in place both on the ground and in the saddle is my Goal for you


This is where my focus goes. Helping you to be the best leader and communicator for your horse.


 I can also help you with everyday struggle, through groundwork and the right mindset


I do online coaching all around the world - so please let me know if I can help you 

My Prices



Prices will vary depending on type of session and duration

Send me a message on Instagram of Facebook for more information


Payment will be done after sessions have been approved and date has been set and through a safe payment system.

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