Do you and your horse work in Harmony?

Harmony means that both you and your horse are in balance.⠀

If you as a rider don’t have a good balance, it is really difficult to follow your horse’s motion but you may also interfere with how your horse’s balance and how he moves.⠀

This is something that is very normal to do when you are not in balance.⠀

# Stay on your horse by gripping with your calves⠀

# Grip with your thighs⠀

# Hang on the reins ⠀

# Fall behind the motion of the horse⠀

# Lean forward⠀

# Lean too much to one side⠀


This is what the horse may do if you are badly out of balance ⠀

- He tries to escape⠀

- He speeds up or runs away

- He slows down or stops⠀

- He turns when you want him to go straight⠀

- He turns left when you want him to go right ⠀

Always pay attention to how your horse behaves and reacts when you are riding or training him - you or your horse may have some balancing issues.⠀

Focus on your own balance and body position so that you can help your horse to be in balance too.

Improved balance for both you and your horse will do miracles for your relationship with your horse and for your confidence and safe ride. ⠀

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