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The HorseLeader Academy

Did you know that I am the founder of The HorseLeader Academy?⠀

So what is the THLA really?⠀

It is an online academy that focuses on the basics within horsehandling, groundwork and horseriding. I only run my courses in small groups, because support and follow up is so important! I want you to succeed!⠀

I believe that by going back to the basics, you will create a stronger, more connected relationship with your horse, build confidence and improve your horse training on the ground and in the saddle⠀

By going back to basic, you will find the cause of your problems and struggles and not just add a tempory solution to the problem. This is the difference between a short-time solution and a long lasting solution ;)⠀

All my courses in The HorseLeader Academy, including 1:1, will focus on mindset, bonding and trust, building confidence in both you and your horse and improve your relationship with your horse, your groundwork and your riding

Individual support will be given even if you have joined a group coaching program.

Feedback will be given on your videos and trainings to help you improve.

You and your horse will have support at the level you're at right now

Excercises will be given to build confidence to help you and your horse to progress to the next level


Want to know more about when the next course is, what course is perfect for you, my prices or maybe how your can work 1:1 with me?


Fill out the form or join my free group the HorseLeader Society on Facebook and ask any question there. I also go live and share value there, such as free trainings