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The HorseLeader Academy

Did you know that I am the founder of The HorseLeader Academy?⠀

So what is the THLA really?⠀

It is an online program that focuses on the basics within horsehandling, groundwork and horseriding. I only run it in small groups, because support and follow up is so important! I want you to succeed!⠀

I believe that by going back to the basics, you will create a stronger, more connected relationship with your horse, You will also become a better rider, if riding is the goal⠀

By going back to basic, you will find the cause of your problems and struggles and not only the solution to the problem. This is the difference between a short-time solution and a long lasting solution ;)⠀

So this is what I focus on in my 12 week program in The Horse Leader Academy⠀

- Personality types and how you can train your horse according to his personality⠀

- How you think and how you communicate with the horse from the ground⠀

- Groundwork exercises that will prepare you for that safer ride and also create a well behaved horse.⠀

- Build trust and confidence in both you and your horse⠀

- Combine your groundwork, mindset and riding⠀

- Focus on balance, seat and position in your riding, to improve your riding, make you feel relaxed and to feel as a confident rider and leader.⠀

Sounds like something that would benefit you and your horse?⠀

PS. Riding does not have to be your ultimate goal - loading, leading, longreining or other ground excercises is enough and gives you much variety in your daily training⠀


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